Florence, Italy
5-9 May 2012

Scientific Programme


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7 May 2012
07:00 20:00  Registration
08:30 09:15  Plenary Lecture 3
Location: Main Hall
Chair: Chair(s): M. Reincke (Germany)
08:30PL3Mating, sex and the immune system in humans and fish
M. Milinski (Germany)
09:30 11:00  Oral Communication Session 1 - Pituitary Clinical I
Location: Hall A
Chairs: Chair(s): M. Marazuela (Spain) & P. Burman (Sweden)
09:30OC1.1Pasireotide LAR is significantly more effective than octreotide LAR at inducing biochemical control in patients with acromegaly: results of a 12-month randomized, double-blind, multicenter, Phase III study
A-M. Colao (Italy)
09:45OC1.2Patients with Cushing’s disease achieve normal urinary cortisol with LCI699, a potent 11β-hydroxylase inhibitor: preliminary results from a multicenter, proof-of-concept study
X. Bertagna (France)
10:00OC1.3Efficacy and safety of long-term treatment with pegvisomant in acromegaly: Italian pegvisomant observational study (acrostudy)
A. Bianchi (Italy)
10:15OC1.4A multi-centre audit of the prevalence of cardiac valvulopathy in patients treated with dopamine agonists for hyperprolactinaemia
W. Drake (UK)
10:30OC1.5Initial hypothalamic involvement is the major risk factor for impaired prognosis and quality of life in childhood craniopharyngioma regardless of chosen treatment strategies – Results of KRANIOPHARYNGEOM 2000
H. Müller (Germany)
10:45OC1.6Normal weight adult patients with Prader-Willi syndrome are not protected from insulin resistance during treatment with growth hormone: Results from a 12 month prospective study
A. Jørgensen (Norway)
09:30 11:00  Oral Communication Session 2 - Thyroid Clinical I
Location: Hall B
Chairs: Chair(s): L. Bartalena (Italy) & I. Al-Ibrashy (Egypt)
09:30OC2.1Overt hyperthyroidism is associated with increased mortality. A nationwide register-based study of disease discordant Danish twins
F. Brandt (Denmark)
09:45OC2.2Identification and functional analysis of DUOX2 variants: Bialleclic mutations are associated with permanent congenital hypothyroidism
M. Muzza (Italy)
10:00OC2.3Thyroid hormone levels in euthyroid young men are associated with body composition and metabolic parameters
G. Roef (Belgium)
10:15OC2.4The thyroid hormone receptor-coactivator interface mediates negative feedback regulation of the human pituitary-thyroid axis
C. Moran (UK)
10:30OC2.5Thyroid spongiform nodules are the best candidates for percutaneous laser ablation. A 5 year follow-up study in 72 patients
G. S. Bortolani (Italy)
10:45OC2.6Concurrent presence of nonendocrine autoimmune diseases with Hashimoto's thyroiditis: A systematic assessment on more than 5000 consecutive patients
M. Cetanni (Italy)
09:30 11:00  Oral Communication Session 3 - Diabetes Clinical
Location: Hall C
Chairs: Chair(s): V. Pirags (Latvia) & K. Abdalla (Egypt)
09:30OC3.1Common variants of monogenic diabetes genes may affect beta cell functional mass in patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes
S. Bonetti (Italy)
09:45OC3.2Weight-loss independent metabolic benefits of gastric bypass surgery? Experiences from the Swedish Obese Subjects (SOS) study
M. Peltonen (Finland)
10:00OC3.3Diabetic ketoacidosis at diagnosis influences complete remission after treatment of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in adolescents with type 1 diabetes
W. Gu (China)
10:15OC3.4Glucose lowering therapies and cancer specific mortality in adult insulin-treated diabetes
S. Loacara (Romania)
10:30OC3.5Study of toll like receptor 2 and 4 expression in monocytes in type 1 diabetes mellitus with and without micro-vascular complications
R. Abd El Baki (Egypt)
10:45OC3.6Glucose disorders exert a detrimental effect on total brain volume in the elderly: a 2-year prospective MRI study
K. Samaras (Australia)
09:30 11:00  Oral Communication Session 4 - Pituitary Basic
Location: Hall D
Chairs: Chair(s): L. Hofland (The Netherlands) & M. Theodoropoulou (Germany)
Blank Abstract
09:30OC4.1Obestatin plays an opposite role in the regulation of pituitary somatotrope and corticotrope function in primates and mice
R. Luque (Spain)
09:45OC4.2Transcriptional regulation of prolactin by oestrogen in vivo.
A. Patist (UK)
10:00OC4.3miR-26a targets PRKCD in ACTH pituitary adenoma
E. Gentilin (Italy)
10:15OC4.4Identification of coupling specificity between somatostatin receptor 5 (SST5) and G proteins by a bioluminescence resonance energy transfer (BRET) technique: the role of GoA protein
E. Peverelli (Italy)
10:30OC4.5Targeting the IGF-IR system in pituitary tumors in vitro: antiproliferative action & pitfalls
M. Theodoropoulou (Germany)
10:45OC4.6Cell cycle G2/M transition is modulated by microRNAs in pituitary adenomas
H. Butz (Hungary)
09:30 11:00  Oral Communication 5 - Obesity Basic
Location: Hall E
Chairs: Chair(s): J. Gimble (USA) & S. Farooqi (UK)
09:30OC5.1Growth hormone ameliorates impaired glucose tolerance in obese mice by modifying the visceral fat condition through adiponectin
Y. Okamoto (Japan)
09:45OC5.2Production of galectin-1, -3, -9 and -12 in adipose tissue of lean and obese mice
G. Fantuzzi (United States)
10:00OC5.3Insulin action in brown adipose tissue is compromised during diet-induced obesity
C. Quarta (Italy)
10:15OC5.4Bile acid binding resin shows anti-obese effect through the modifications of intestinal microbiota
Y. Kusumoto (Japan)
10:30OC5.5Development of leptin deficient rat - evidence for its superiority over mouse as a model for human obesity
M. Aizawa-Abe (Japan)
10:45OC5.6Semaphorin 3C-a novel adipokine modulating human adipose tissue plasticity in weight change
M. Rydén (Sweden)
09:30 11:00  Oral Communication Session 6 - Female Reproduction Basic
Location: Hall F
Chairs: Chair(s): C. Elias (USA) & M. Simoni (Italy)
09:30OC6.1GnRH release failure in hyperprolactinemia is caused by a kisspeptin deficiency
N. Binart (France)
09:45OC6.2Ghrelin modulates fertilization, early embryo development and implantation
A. Martini (Argentina)
10:00OC6.3LH and hCG produce different responses in human granulosa lutein cells in vitro.
L. Casarini (Italy)
10:15OC6.4Female fertility and activin-stimulated Fshb expression do not require SMAD2/3 in murine gonadotropes
J. Fortin (Canada)
10:30OC6.5Dihydrotestosterone treatment in mice induces a persistent polycystic ovary syndrome phenotype
E. van Houten (The Netherlands)
10:45OC6.6Kit ligand-c-kit interaction regulates estradiol production by rat granulosa cells via oocyte factors
T. Miyoshi (Japan)
09:30 11:00  Oral Communication Session 7 - Adrenal Clinical
Location: Hall G
Chairs: Chair(s): B. Allolio (Germany) & J. Newell-Price (UK)
09:30OC7.1Progression-free survival without treatment of malignant pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma at one year
S. Hescot (France)
09:45OC7.2Activation of the PKA pathway triggers formation of an illicit serotonergic regulatory loop in primary pigmented nodular adrenal disease (PPNAD) tissues associated with Cushing’s syndrome
Z. Bram (France)
10:00OC7.3Ribonucleotide reductase large subunit (RRM1) gene expression predicts efficacy of adjuvant mitotane in adrenocortical cancer
M. Volante (Italy)
10:15OC7.4Differential diagnosis of primary aldosteronism by peripheral plasma levels of 18-oxo-cortisol - a noninvasive method with a high specificity
F. Satoh (Japan)
10:30OC7.5Continuous subcutaneous hydrocortisone infusion as replacement therapy in Addison’s disease
M. Øksnes (Norway)
10:45OC7.6Progressively increased patterns of subclinical cortisol hypersecretion in adrenal incidentalomas differently predict major metabolic and cardiovascular outcomes: a large cross-sectional study
G. Di Dalmazi (Italy)
09:30 11:00  Oral Communication Session 8 - Bone
Location: Hall H
Chair: Chair(s): C. Marcocci (Italy)
09:30OC8.1Hypophosphatasia: Enzyme replacement therapy (ENB-0040) decreases TNSALP substrate accumulation and improves functional outcome in affected adolescents and adults
N. Kreher (USA)
09:45OC8.2Comparison of high protein and normal protein weight loss diets on bone density in overweight post-menopausal women
D. Jesudason (Australia)
10:00OC8.3Profiling insulin like factor 3 (INSL3) signaling in human osteoblasts
A. Ferlin (Italy)
10:15OC8.4Radiological vertebral fractures in hospitalized elderly patients with heart failure
G. Mazziotti (Italy)
10:30OC8.5Pathogenetic chromosomal rearrangements in a large series of patients with pseudohypoparathyroidism type I
F. Marta Elli (Italy)
10:45OC8.6Simultaneous gain and loss of methylation at imprinted loci in a subset of patients with pseudohypoparathyroidism type 1b and GNAS epimutations
A. Linglart (France)
09:30 11:00  Oral Communication 9 - Endocrine Tumours & Translation
Location: Basilica
Chairs: Chair(s): K. Oberg (Sweden) & A. Grossman (UK)
09:30OC9.1Temozolomide therapy for progressive metastatic paraganglioma/pheochromocytoma: SDHB mutation as a prognosis biomarker for efficacy
J. Hadoux (France)
09:45OC9.2Growth hormone protects breast cancer cells from chemotherapy by blocking cytotoxic-induced apoptosis in estrogen receptor negative breast cancer cells
M. Minoia (Italy)
10:00OC9.3The central role of estrogen receptor α in IGF-II dependent adrenocortical carcinoma (ACC) cell proliferation suggests the use of selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs) for the treatment of ACC
V. Pezzi (Italy)
10:15OC9.4Functional characterization of mutations in the multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 (MEN1) gene suggest therapeutic strategies
G. Hendy (Canada)
10:30OC9.5Glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor (GLP-1R) imaging for the preoperative localization of benign insulinomas in 30 patients
E. Christ (Switzerland)
10:45OC9.6First in vitro study of human gastroenteropancreatic-neuroendocrine tumors: Comparative effect of octreotide and pasireotide
A. Mohamed (France)
09:30 11:00  Endocrine Nurses' Session: Puberty Induction and Sex Steroid Replacement in Young Adults
Generously Supported By Novartis
Location: Polveriera
Chairs: Chair(s): J. Foote (USA) & P. Bouchard (France)
09:30EN1.1Puberty induction in males and females
C. Brain (UK)
10:00EN1.2The role of the endocrine nurse in puberty induction
M. Keil (USA)
10:15EN1.3Sex steroid replacement in young males and females
G. Conway (UK)
10:45EN1.4Choosing the right sex steroid replacement option for patients: the role of the endocrine nurse
S. Shalet (UK)
09:30 11:30  ISE General Council Meeting (Invitation Only)
Location: Teatrino
11:00 11:30  Coffee, Posters & Exhibition
Exhibition Hall & Poster Hall
11:30 12:30  Debate 2: This house believes that calcium supplementation causes heart attacks
For: I. Reid (New Zealand); Against: C. Weaver (USA)
Location: Main Hall
Chair: Chair(s): J. Bollerslev (Norway)
11:30 13:15  ISE Travel Grant Reception (Invitation Only)
11:30 12:15  Meet the Expert 1 - Repeated
Location: Hall A
11:30MTE1Adrenal incidentaloma and subclinical Cushing's syndrome
P. Stewart (UK)
11:30 12:15  Meet the Expert 2 - Repeated
Location: Hall B
11:30MTE2Approach to the patient with Cushing's disease after pituitary surgery failure
M. Toth (Hungary)
11:30 12:15  Meet the Expert 3 - Repeated
Location: Hall C
11:30MTE3Osteoporosis in men
U. Gruntmanis (USA)
11:30 12:15  Meet the Expert 4 - Repeated
Location: Hall D
11:30MTE4Challenges of transsphenoidal pituitary surgery
P. Cappabianca (Italy)
11:30 12:15  Meet the Expert 5 - Repeated
Location: Hall E
MTE5Discussions of common but difficult thyroid cancer cases
L. Wartofsky (USA)
11:30 12:15  Meet the Expert 6 - Repeated
Location: Hall F
11:30MTE6Clinical management of adrenocortical carcinoma
M. Terzolo (Italy)
11:30 12:15  Meet the Expert 7 - Repeated
Location: Hall G
11:30MTE7Pregnancy and pituitary disorders
Z. Karaca (Turkey)
11:30 12:15  Meet the Expert 8 - Repeated
Location: Hall H
11:30MTE8Diagnosis and treatment of precocious puberty
L. Ghizzoni (Italy)
12:25 13:10  Meet the Expert 9 - Repeated
Location: Hall A
12:25MTE9Diagnosis and treatment of SIADH
C. Thompson (Ireland)
12:25 13:10  Meet the Expert 10 - Repeated
Location: Hall B
12:25MTE10Elastosonography in the evaluation of thyroid and parathyroid lesions
M. Erdogan (Turkey)
12:25 13:10  Meet the Expert 11 - Repeated
Location: Hall C
12:25MTE11Diagnosis and treatment considerations in autoimmune polyendocrine syndrome type 1
O. Kampe (Sweden)
12:25 13:10  Meet the Expert 12 - Repeated
Location: Hall D
12:25MTE12Goitre throughout the paediatric ages
M. Polak (France)
12:25 13:10  Meet the Expert 13 - Repeated
Location: Hall E
12:25MTE13Graves' ophthalmopathy
W. Wiersinga (The Netherlands)
12:25 13:10  Meet the Expert 14 - Repeated
Location: Hall F
K. Unluhizarci (Turkey)
12:25 13:10  Meet the Expert 15 - Repeated
Location: Hall G
12:25MTE15Pituitary tumours in adolescents and adults
M. Andersen (Denmark)
12:25 13:10  Meet the Expert 16 - Repeated
Location: Hall H
12:25MTE16Management of non-functioning pituitary adenomas
N. Karavitaki (UK)
12:30 13:15  Lunch, Posters & Exhibition
ESE President meets ESE New Members (invitation only)
Exhibition Hall & Poster Hall
13:15 14:45  Symposium 26: TSH Receptor
Location: Hall A
Chairs: Chair(s): R. Paschke (Germany) & E. Martino (Italy)
13:15S26.1Low-molecular weight antagonists of the TSH receptor
M. Gershengorn (USA)
13:45S26.2Epitope geography and intracellular pathways of TSH receptor antibodies
T. Davis (USA)
14:15S26.3Structure and function of TSH receptor
H. Biebermann (Germany)
13:15 14:45  Symposium 27: Are endogenous testosterone levels predictors of cardiovascular events?
Location: Hall B
Chairs: Chair(s): C. Wang (USA) & K. Channer (UK)
13:15S27.1Androgen action on the cardiovascular system
K. Channer (UK)
13:45S27.2Testosterone deficiency, cardiometabolic and mortality risks in men: the European Male Ageing Study (EMAS)
F. Wu (UK)
14:15S27.3Endogenous androgens, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease in women: The rancho bernado study
E. Barrett-Connor (USA)
13:15 14:45  Symposium 28: Osteoporosis treatment in 2012 and beyond
Location: Hall C
Chairs: Chair(s): G. Borretta (Italy) & J. Stepan (Czech Republic)
13:15S28.1Controversial issues with bisphosphonate treatment
S. Papapoulos (The Netherlands)
13:45S28.2Sclerostin - a key bone regulatory molecule
M. Robinson (USA)
14:15S28.3Other emerging therapies
P. Ebeling (Australia)
13:15 14:45  Symposium 29: Are we ready for novel therapies in obesity?
Location: Hall D
Chairs: Chair(s): F. Giorgino (Italy) & U. Pagotto (Italy)
13:15S29.1GI Hormone-based polypharmacy for the treatment of obesity
M. Tschoep (Germany)
13:45S29.2Growth hormone replacement and metabolic syndrome in GH deficient adults
D. Clemmons (USA)
14:15S29.3The ghrelin-GOAT system links dietary lipids with the endocrine control of energy balance
P. Pfluger (Germany)
13:15 14:45  Symposium 30: New developments in pituitary adenomas
Location: Hall E
Chairs: Chair(s): G. Raverot (France) & G. Lombardi (Italy)
13:15S30.1New developments in pituitary adenoma cytokines & other new genes in pituitary adenomas
E. Arzt (Argentina)
13:45S30.2'Dopastatin': an evolving story
T. Brue (France)
14:15S30.3The use of temozolomide in pituitary tumours
A. McCormack (Australia)
13:15 14:45  Symposium 31: Progress in treatment in primary aldosteronism
Location: Hall F
Chairs: Chair(s): J. Widimsky (Czech Republic) & P. Mulatero (Italy)
13:15S31.1Epidemiology and diagnosis of primary aldosteronism
P-F. Plouin (France)
M. Walz (Germany)
14:15S31.3Medical treatment
L. Sechi (Italy)
13:15 14:45  Symposium 32: Disorders of sex development (DSD)
Location: G
Chairs: Chair(s): P. Lee (USA) & P. Cohen-Kettenis (The Netherlands)
13:15S32.1Genetics of disorders of sex development
T. Ogata (Japan)
13:45S32.2Psychosocial and psychosexual outcome in DSD
P. Cohen-Kettenis (The Netherlands)
14:15S32.3Review of clinical guidelines
F. Ahmed (UK)
13:15 14:45  Symposium 33: Environment Induced Endocrine Disease
Location: Hall H
Chairs: Chair(s): M. Shupnik (USA) & J. Toppari (Finland)
13:15S33.1Pollution related acromegaly
S. Cannavo (Italy)
13:45S33.2Exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals may interfere with reproductive development in humans and affect timing of puberty
K. Main (Denmark)
14:15S33.3Effect of iodine intake on thyroid disease in China
W. Teng (China)
14:45 15:15  Coffee, Posters & Exhibition
Exhibition Hall & Poster Hall
15:15 16:45  Symposium 34: Effects of thyroid hormone derivatives
Location: Main Hall
Chairs: Chair(s): P. Laurberg (Denmark) & F. Monaco (Italy)
15:15S34.1Pathways of thyroid hormone metabolism
J. Koehrle (Germany)
15:45S34.2Thyroid hormone mimetic compounds
T. Scanlan (USA)
16:15S34.3Trials of thyroid hormone analogues
P. Ladenson (USA)
15:15 16:45  Symposium 35: Endocrinology and the Olympics: Will hormones help to win?
Location: Hall A
Chairs: Chair(s): E. Ghigo (Italy) & R. Ross (UK)
15:15S35.1Does the high performance athlete need hormone replacement?
L. Di Luigi (Italy)
15:45S35.2Can an endocrine patient participate in high performance sports?
R. Auchus (USA)
16:15S35.3Hormone abuse in sports: the knowns and unknowns
M. Thevis (Germany)
15:15 16:45  Symposium 36: Bone and metabolism
Location: Hall B
Chairs: Chair(s): J.Eisman (Australia) & J.J.Body (Belgium)
15:15S36.1Leptin and bone signalling
S. Takeda (Japan)
15:45S36.2Insulin bone axis
T. Clemens (USA)
16:15S36.3Functions and mode of action of osteocalcin
G. Karsenty (USA)
15:15 16:45  Symposium 37: Diabetes and cancer
Location: Hall C
Chairs: Chair(s): L. Bach (Austria) & A. Abdel Raheem (Egypt)
15:15S37.1Epidemiological evidence for a link between diabetes and cancer
A. Renehan (UK)
16:00S37.2The role of the insulin receptor in cancer
A. Belfiore (Italy)
15:15 16:45  Symposium 38: Craniopharyngioma: Hypothalamic complications
Location: Hall D
Chairs: Chair(s): J. Hamilton (Canada) & M. Puig-Domingo (Spain)
15:15S38.1Childhood craniopharyngioma
H. Müller (Germany)
15:45S38.2Hypothalamic disorders in craniopharyngioma; relevance to clinical practice
C. Thompson (Ireland)
16:15S38.3Management of hypothalamic obesity in patients with craniopharyngioma
G. Wittert (Australia)
15:15 16:45  Symposium 39: Adrenal insufficiency
Location: Hall E
Chairs: Chair(s): W. Arlt (UK) & C. Betterle (Italy)
15:15S39.1Pathomechanism underlying adrenoleucodystrophy
G. Raymond (USA)
15:45S39.2Molecular pathomechanisms of steroidogenetic adrenal disorders
F. Riepe (Germany)
16:15S39.3New developments in the immunology of Addison's disease
E. Husebye (Norway)
15:15 16:45  Symposium 40: New familial endocrine cancer syndromes: pathophysiology and counselling
Location: Hall F
Chairs: Chair(s): E. Lalli (France) & D. Malkin (Canada)
15:15S40.1DICER1 mutations characterize a novel syndrome with endocrine features
W. Foulkes (Canada)
15:45S40.2The paediatric patient with paraganglioma syndrome
M. Robledo (Spain)
16:15S40.3Li-Fraumeni syndrome: A paradigm of genetic testing to clinical surveillance for pediatric endocrine tumors
D. Malkin (Canada)
15:15 16:45  Symposium 41: The endocrinology of adipose tissue
Location: Hall G
Chair: Chair(s): M. Luconi (Italy)
15:15S41.1Physiological and neuronal determinants of brown adipose tissue-mediated thermogenesis in small mammals and humans
D. Richard (Canada)
15:45S41.2Obesity and insulin resistance: the cross-talk macrophage-adipocyte view
J. Fernandez-Real (Spain)
16:15S41.3The fat cell: dynamics, genomics and adipokines
P. Arner (Sweden)
15:15 16:45  Symposium 42: Novel insights into regulation of puberty
Location: Hall H
Chairs: Chair(s): E. Malecka-Tendera (Poland) & M. Cappa (Italy)
15:15S42.1Central networks controlling the timing of puberty
A. Lomniczi (USA)
15:45S42.2Re-wiring the hypothalamus with new peptides to control puberty
V. Navarro (USA)
16:15S42.3Novel insights into regulation of puberty: lessons from human genetics
B. Mendonca (Brazil)
16:35 17:10  JOE / JME Prize Presentation
Location: Main Hall
Chair: Chair(s): A. Clark (UK)
17:10 17:55  Fondation IPSEN 2012 Endocrine Regulation Prize
Location: Main Hall
17:10IFPL1Wylie Vale Endocrine Prize Lecture at the 2012 ICE/ECE Congress
P. Sassone Corsi (USA)
17:55 19:30  Poster Reception
Attended poster session, refreshments available
Poster Hall
18:30 20:00  IPSEN Satellite Symposia - Acromegaly: patient-focused disease control and long-term outcomes
Location: Hall B
E. Ghigo (Italy)
18:35Biochemical determinants of long-term outcomes
S. Lamberts (The Netherlands)
18:55Clinical determinants of long-term outcomes
A. Giustina (Italy)
19:15Therapeutic determinants of long-term outcomes
M. Gadelha (Brazil)
19:35Economic burden of long-term acromegaly management
S. Melmed (USA)
19:55Summary and close
S. Melmed (USA)
18:30 20:00  NOVARTIS Satellite Symposia - Taking the next step: improving outcomes in patients with pituitary tumors
Location: Main Hall
Chair: A-M. Colao (Italy)
18:30Welcome and Introduction
A-M. Colao (Italy)
18:35Advancing the partnership: A multidisciplinary approach to treating Cushing's disease
P. Cappabianca (Italy)
18:50Walking in their shoes: Case studies of Cushing's disease
I. Shimon (Israel)
19:05Toeing the line: Criteria for and achievement of control in acromegaly
J. Wass (UK)
19:20Striding towards the future: Somatostatin analogues for acromegaly
A-M. Colao (Italy)
19:40Panel discussion
A-M. Colao (Italy), P. Cappabiance (Italy), I. Shimon (Israel), J. Wass (UK)
19:55Concluding remarks
A-M. Colao (Italy)
18:30 20:00  PROSTRAKAN Satellite Symposia - Testosterone replacement therapy - benefits & risks?
Location: Hall F
Chair: M. Maggi
18:30Welcome, Opening Remarks & Introduction
M. Maggi (Florence, Italy)
18:35Testosterone - emerging data for the management of hypogonadel men with Type 2 diabetes
H. Jones (Barnsley, UK)
19:00Testosterone - emerging data for the management of hypogonadel men with heart disease
K. Channer (Sheffield, UK)
19:25Testosterone replacement therapy and prostate diseases
M. Maggi (Florence, Italy)
19:50Q&A and Chairman's Concluding Comments
20:30 21:15  ICE/ECE 2012 Congress Concert
Tickets should be purchased during registration
Basilica di San Lorenzo